The brand was deposited in 2007 and the first collection was marketed in shops in 2010.

Why this name Emile and Ida?

And not they are not not the first names of our children! But that of my parents who express the " retro ", mixed side of the brand and the association of which is unique! And very personal.

How many people works for Emile and Ida?

We are a team of 10 people in the complementary skills. Offices) are situated in France, in Paris region, to Croissy Sur Seine. We have a person in Portugal which manages and watches the production and the quality of products.

What inspires us?

At Emile and Ida, we adore the vintage, the former, romantic parts and the old laces more particularly for the girl and for the boys the 50s, the Rock spirit n roll and the color.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items